Tips for dating your spouse

Between work, different shifts, running a business, working late, grocery shopping, sleeping, the children, and actually really being tired.

But it is necessary and very important to keep dating and keeping your spark alive.

I have a two-year-old daughter and she is too much to handle at a time. She taught me patience, love, and the fact that I need to stay in shape if I ever want to keep up with her fast little legs.

Don’t feel sorry for me, you’re probably going through it too or will one day, so prepare for a little hell on earth. I strongly believe that planning date nights in advance is important to your marriage success.

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You have to stay interested and involved to stay connected. James Dobson goes over some great analogies of what can happen if you don’t pay attention and gives you ideas for dating your spouse again.

Take Course Keishorne Scott is a Man of God, husband, great father, relationship coach, bestselling author and renowned speaker. At 25, he became a best-selling author of the inspirational book L. At 27, he started his first company, Keishorne Scott, LLC, a relationship coaching and speaking business offering speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, seminars and reading the material.

If we never experienced dating our spouse, chances are, we wouldn’t have married them.

This doesn’t have to be an every weekend thing, but communicate with your spouse and go out at least twice a month, and make it SPECIAL!

As the saying goes, “never stop dating your wife, and never stop flirting with your husband.”Sometimes we allow our everyday life to affect our marriage.

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We bring work home, stress home, frustration home, anger home, and tiredness home. Talk about good memories and good times while eating dinner together, drinking tea or grabbing a snack.

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