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An often busy father, who is emotionally unavailable and who doesn’t bother to figure out his own issues in life, recreates another unhappy mini-me.

Most likely, his own father wasn’t there for him, so somehow in his mind he reasons, “It’s okay;” therefore, he repeats the cycle.

Please be advised to seek a professional for serious issues.

Contributors are not all licensed or trained in relationship counseling. Some mature older men don’t know what they are getting themselves into when choosing to date someone 10 plus years younger.

These men falsely assume that tapping into the fountain of youth, so to speak, will make them feel good about living.

They learn quickly that no matter who they date, young or old, rich or poor, no one can give the little boy within them peace.

Rather than focusing on two human beings building a relationship together, the couple are talking or arguing about selfish needs and wants, “I need for you to be... Even if she says, “You act like my dad…” be sure that you are not purposely performing like her dad, because you might believe you are helping out the little girl within.

The little person inside could be any of the following: often dissatisfied in personal and professional relationships, emotionally detached, angry, bitter, jealous, or having some other emotional issue.If anyone of these issues describe you, you might want to start a process of cleansing one’s closet of emotions beginning with taking down all those childhood things that you might have displayed around your room, office and elsewhere.Reminding yourself daily about your childhood will not help you grow; rather, you will find that you are not permitting yourself to mature because you fear you might lose something if you should let go of your little person within.Some older men falsely assume that if they give their younger partners everything they want that the relationship will be okay.Unfortunately, things without human affection and communication do nothing more than impede progress. ” An older man must recognize the needs of a younger woman, but at the same time refrain from being a father figure to her.

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In time, he or she is abusing substances to fill the void while having many regrets.

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