Top 10 cities for interracial dating

I have traveled across the country, been to plenty of states. It has the kind of old Racism from Slavery that is well hidden for only brief periods and comes out when questioning Merits and Accomplishments...

I would look at 2016 voting patterns and see which areas voted for Trump.

This combination makes up 42% of interracial marriages today.

Which state has the highest number of interracial newlyweds?

Racism does exist here, but it is not a prominent as in New York, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania (ooh ooh), Boston, Texas (thumbs down), Georgia, etc. It is true that most races have a good general respect and I must say that I have met a good number of people from diverse backgrounds who have a real sense of what the world should be like.

We (Californians) do not necessarily tolerate ignorance in general. The people who talk prejudice are looked at like they are not normal... I have considered moving out of state because the exaggerated cost of homes and rents but... Trust me, race relations is a stressful thing to deal ..My list would be somehow different. The general rule is the darker a person's skin tone, the much more likely they will experiment some form of racism.

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