Top 10 dating books for men

Of all the best dating books out there, No More Mr.

How to Win Friends & Influence People does a great job of giving you specific techniques in addition to broader principles.

Models is a comprehensive guide to attracting women that does a fantastic job of integrating attracting, behavior, and evolutionary psychology into an interesting and easy to read format.

Manson is very good at providing a straightforward approach to attraction that is very easy for just about any guy to understand. This is the absolute best dating book that you will find and anyone who is searching the internet for dating books (you) is going to come away with a lot of valuable insights.

Before we give you the list we want to emphasize that reading these books is not a substitute for action on your part.

You need to take the concepts you learn and commit to applying them to your life.

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The superior man takes the best traits of both in order to live an authentic life that women find incredibly attractive.

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