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More like three inch nails." She did the same thing with Russell Crowe, claiming that they'd fucked and that she's either lost or aborted the pregnancy that resulted from their couplings. He ended up marrying a very trannyesque, talentless whore named Mariqueen Maandig and because infuriated when his fans didn't take her to their hearts.

Ages ago when we had good gossip, people were arguing over whether or not Christian Bale was bi or just so into humiliation that he'd let men fuck him, and he would get off on what he experienced as degradation. She'd have an informed view on that.(She also had good gossip:))[quote]I remember gossip on here to the effect that his wife was a gold-digging bitch whom he married because he finally found someone as kinky as him. He willingly went along with Courtney Love's claims that she slept with him in those months after Cobain's death where she claimed to sleep with every big name star at the time.

I think it's because he's finally met his match in kink; Maandig is quite a freaky slut.

He met that tranny looking Phillipina wife of his on Twitter.

When criticized for exploiting the deaths, he shrugged it off.

He also exploited the Manson murders as publicity for "The Downward Spiral," allegedly recording in the house, stealing the door that had "pig" written on it in the victim's blood and then writing songs like "Piggy" to capitalize on it.

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""He was very close with some red headed singer, I forgot her name.

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