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This uprising almost overthrew the regime, but the government ultimately suppressed it through a combination of guile and brutality.

Though Tunisia went bankrupt in 1869 and an international financial commission—with British, French, and Italian representatives—was imposed on the country, there was one last attempt to reform Tunisia from within and thus avoid complete European domination.

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Conscription was also introduced, to the great dismay of the peasantry.

More acceptable were Aḥmad’s steps to integrate Arabic-speaking native Tunisians fully into the government, which had long been dominated by s (military slaves) and Turks.

That name, in turn, comes from the Roman word for Africa and the name also given by the Romans to their first African colony following the Punic Wars against the Carthaginians in 264–146 .

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Ḥusayn Bey even accepted the idea that Tunisian princes would rule the cities of Constantine and Oran.

The scheme, however, had no chance of success and was soon abandoned.

The following discussion offers a brief summary of Tunisia’s early history but mainly focuses on Tunisia since about 1800.

For a more detailed treatment of earlier periods and of the country in its regional context, Ifrīqiyyah in the early centuries of the Islamic period.

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Aḥmad Bey, who ruled from 1837 to 1855, was an avowed modernizer and reformer.

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