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He was regarded as a rap icon and sex symbol during his short 25 years of life, but many of the relationships Shakur allegedly participated in have mostly been shrouded in rumors.

However, new insight on at least one of his romantic flings has surfaced after an auction house recently received the rapper's handwritten letter to Madonna.

Still, as a white person — good intentions or not — part of acknowledging your privilege is accepting that not all black people want to deal with sharing such an intimate relationship with a white person, who has had a much different and often easier experience Unfortunately for people on the receiving end of the hurt like Madonna, some black people may not find that out until they are actually in that interracial relationship and experiencing it.

Tupac further explained where his mind was when he broke it off with Madonna, allegedly writing in the letter, His statements don't lend toward him being intimidated, but instead, an overwhelming experience as a young man in his 20s, who is dealing with his own fame and that of another older partner and fellow celebrity.

On top of Lindsay selecting her "future husband" in front of the world on television, she also has to deal with people speculating about which race she will choose.

On Wednesday, however, the world finally got the real reason as to why the duo had to call it quits: Because he was black, and she is white.

In a handwritten letter the rapper wrote during his final prison bid in 1995, Shakur explained why he was forced to end his blossoming relationship with Madonna.

Guys in the house have even begun to question her interest in black men, since many of them have already been sent home.

Though Lindsay has shared valid reasons for rejecting the guys she has so far, she made it clear that she is aware of eyes that are watching who she gives her final rose to a little closer than other .

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