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The sisters were under the impression that they were going there to feature in a commercial, so they were caught off guard when Josh and Jeremy got down on one knee.Every last detail of the proposal was planned to perfection, from the outfits to the date – 2nd February, or 2/2.In the summer of 2018, Brittany and Briana walked down the aisle with Josh and Jeremy Salyers, a set of twin brothers from Tennessee.The two beautiful couples wed each other in a lovely ceremony photographed by Angie Candell, and it seemed straight out of a fairytale.One of the main reasons they wanted to date identical brothers was because they already knew how important the twin bond is. That’s something that a “singleton” could never truly understand.Fortunately, just as most of us have to kiss us a few frogs until we find our prince, the Deane sisters’ years of bad dates did have a happy ending.

It was Brittany who set eyes on the brothers first.

With all four of them feeling optimistic about their chances together, they continued to meet up and spend as much time with each other as possible.

The Deane sisters had spent their whole lives hoping to find twin brothers to fall in love with, and now it looked like their dreams were finally coming true. It wasn’t only Brittany and Briana who’d grown up wanting to find twins to spend the rest of their lives with.

It came when they attended a twin event based in Twinsburg, Ohio in 2017, known as The Twins Days Festival.

They’d been going to the event since 2011, but they’d never had their heads turned by anyone there before.

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Luckily, the pair didn’t need to worry, because one day they found the perfect partners to put a ring on it.

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