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Finally, under Major -General Nott, Kandahar was to be held by the 42nd and 43rd Native Infantry, with the 4th Co.

To meet the situation, Macnaghten strongly recommended that a British force should be t despatched against Herat, which city, upon its capture, should be annexed to Shah Shuja's dominions. With these troops occupying forts in commanding positions, taxes were levied and the turbulent Afghans, to some extent, were controlled. It now apparently only remained to redeem Auck- land's promise that " when once he (Shah Shuja) shall be secured in power, and the independence and integrity of Afghanistan established, the British army will be with- drawn ".' There were many weighty objections to the continued occupation of Afghanistan by British troops. The Governor- General accordingly laid down that a brigade of all arms should be sufficient to keep Shuja on the throne and that the rest of the army should be withdrawn. The tribes had submitted and, in Macnaghten's opinion, although this was not the general view, had welcomed Shuja. 91 CHAPTER XXXVII THE GENESIS OF THE SECOND AFGHAN WAR . 97 v vi HISTORY OF AFGHANISTAN CHAPTER XXXVIII PAGE THE SECOND AFGHAN WAR . The stronghold was consequently evacuated and no further opposition was encountered. The artillery bombard- ment disheartened the garrison, which was not supported by Akbar Khan, he having been recalled to the capital by Dost Muhammad.

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