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The solution would be downgrading your site and build your own navigation bar by creating a textfield and make text links.Copy&paste the textfield with the links to all of your pages.This is a well-known issue of i Web and a result of its drag&drop object placement ease of use.In rare cases objects are found to be placed higher or lower on the page once published than they are in i Web itself.You can also add it to your Dock if you want 3) Drag&Drop the Domain file you want to edit on the i Web Drop icon to open i Web and the project you want to work on. The Domain file is a package where i Web stores its data on your computer.If you want to keep working on the project you worked on the last time you used i Web just open i Web. If you don't know how to find it read the Backup and retrieve FAQ. 1.2 Things not working anymore since Mobile Me was closed. Since Mobile Me was closed down in June 2012 there are some things which don't work anymore.Chapter 1: Known issues 1.1 Using i Web under Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) 1.2 Things not working anymore since Mobile Me was closed. 1.3 Text formatting problems: The formatting on the web doesn't match with the one showed in i Web. 1.4 When I publish my website objects like images or HTML Snippets are moving around. 2.6 i Web is not showing my website 2.7 I can’t name a page the way I want to, it reverts to the previous name 2.8 i Web "doesn't" or "doesn’t let me" save changes I made: "You do not have permission to save to this file." 2.9 The changes I made don’t display on the web when published 2.10 When I enter my domain I don’t get redirected to the page I want it to redirect to or don’t see the site at all 2.11 The navigation menu does not display Chapter 1: Known issues 1.1 Using i Web under Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) First note that in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) you can only use i Web 3.0 (i Web '09).Text displaying as normal in i Web gets bold on the web. When visiting the website online in a browser like Safari the objects don't display where they display in i Web itself. Previous versions of i Web (i Web '08 or 2.0 and i Web '06 or 1.0) will not work under Lion.

If it can't check for updates, it refuses to launch. ) - If you have Airport (wireless) turned on your computer but you’re not connected to the internet (there is no wireless network to select) try to turn Airport off on your computer and open i Web with Airport turned off. If i Web doesn’t open hit ctrl click the file and choose Open with = i Web.

But what can one do to make the site compatible with Internet Explorer?

i Web built sites will not show the standard navigation when downloaded to a PC where Java is turned off in IE as the i Web navigation bar is Javascript rendering.

Hence copy the image, go where you want it to appear in the Text Box and paste it in it.

1.5 Website doesn’t work with Internet Explorer (compatibility) Note that this is not a problem of i Web. A quote: “I call Internet Explorer the WWB - World's Worst Browser.” - Roddy - Most of the people and myself agree.

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