Updating a query in ms access

Open import Orders to verify that the February data has been added.Like with the January data, the Order Date needs to be updated for the newly imported data. Since this data is for February, change the Update To expression under Date Order to in the Date Order’s criteria. Open the import Orders table to verify that everything is correct.

After establishing the proper data structure for importing data from Excel, the next step is to import the actual data.

In order to work with the data we have stored, we need to be able to communicate with the database.

And in order to communicate with the database, we need to use Structured Query Language (SQL).

Description: An error will occur when attempting to update a Microsoft Access file that has been loaded into Visual LANSA as an 'OTHER' file and contains more than 127 fields.

The error is as follows: "Too many fields are defined" as shown below: There is a limitation in Microsoft Access on the number of fields that can be contained within a table.

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