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One question I have been asked by several people is how to update a row from a file that had been previously Fetched, just like READ and UPDATE using RPG's native database access.

I thought it would be useful to show examples using both RPG native database access and SQL.

Line 18: As the file is user open I need to close it.

If I had changed many fields in the file rather than listing them all in the 01 **free 02 dcl-ds Data Ds extname('TESTFILE') 03 end-ds ; 04 exec sql SET OPTION COMMIT = *NONE ; 05 exec sql CALL QSYS2.

Lines 13 – 22: The Do loop to Fetch (read) all the rows and update.

Line 14: A fetch is like a read, it retrieve a row (record) from the file.

Line 7: As this is a test program I want to be able to run this multiple times to make sure I update the right field with the right value.

The Select statement is used to define which columns (fields) I want, from which file, and the selection criteria in this case just the rows where FKEY is '1', and the sort order.

I always add line 11, it is not necessary as without the cursor is still opened for update.

First I need a file, as this is for example purposes it very simple, just two fields and one key field: What I want to do is to read/fetch all the records where the key field is equal to '1' and change the value of the second field to 'A'.

I am sure we all could write a simple program to do this in RPG using its native database access.

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Line 11: I can also use a string for the key when using the built in function.

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