Updating a tomtom one

Can you believe it, with this being the only alternative for something that was entirely their fault?I told them that I would never buy another TOMTOM, at any price and would do this review, but they don't seem to care, about that, either, with not answering my mail.However, as more and more competition has entered the market, their sales and profits have probably dropped, and so has their budget on customer support, updates, and upgrades.

I also find the internal management of storage in the device confusing.

Unfortunately, the update utterly failed to update, and the device is borked.

The update software will not work with a Windows 64 bit operating system. I sent several messages to Customer Support, and failed to receive any response whatsoever other than offers of discounts on new devices.

Maybe this is the way that the Dutch conduct business in general.

I have since ordered a used Garmin from e Bay with the latest updates.

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