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In general, we use these triggers on Views In this example, we will show you, How to create an Instead of update Triggers in SQL Server.For instance, if you want to restrict the users from updating the records in the original table, and you want those updated logs in another historical table then you can use this trigger.The query plan will be cached and could be reused when the variables have different values, which is just another factor that means the plan must be very general.All these considerations lead to a plan that does not feature static partition elimination. If the predicate evaluates to false, the subtree under the Filter is not executed.Next time, if you want to get the same result set, you can save this query into a text file, open it, and execute it again.SQL Server provides a better way to save this query in the database catalog through a view.

Now we will execute some queries on SERV2 using the linked server.

I received an email from friend today asking how he can see when statistics were last updated in SQL Server.

Well, in SQL Server, there are two ways to access the last modified date of a statistic, which are: returns the header, histogram, and vector density based on the data stored in the statistics object.

If I execute this SELECT query via the Linked Server it executes in less than a second. This sends the query to the remote server and executes the query there.

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