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(Active Perl haven't released a 5.28.0 yet, but it is build when they do) These are x64 builds only. Notice that Active Perl's last releases were x64-only (in Perl/releases/ and Perl/releases/ These releases should be good for future Active Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n and Strawberry Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n releases since all Perl 5.mod_perl 2.0 does have some prerequisites, namely a recent Perl and Apache 2.x.If both of these are already installed all that is required is downloading the mod_perl source code from and issuing the following commands: The script allows you to setup your @INC library path and preload any modules that you want shared among your Apache server children.If the script is edited on disk mod_perl is smart enough to recompile on the next request it to reflect your changes.One challenge that faces many web site administrators is that of reworking your file system layout without breaking existing bookmarks and deep links into your site.c Panel & WHM installs the Perl scripting language on your server.It is not necessary to use this module unless you wish to write custom Apache modules with the Perl scripting language, or to configure Apache with Perl scripts.

Notice that Active Perl's last releases were x64-only, see Perl/releases/ and Perl/releases/ Note: These releases should be good for future Active Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n and Strawberry Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n releases since all Perl 5. Steve Regards, Steffen How would I go about requesting a new build of mod_perl 2.0.10 (latest version) for: - Latest Apache Lounge 64-bit Apache 2.4 distro (2.4.34) - Active Perl 5.22 (specifically this version since 5.24 breaks something else I need) Thank you!

Here are some examples of mod_perl's abilities: Installing mod_perl is a relatively easy task.

If you are using a recent Linux distribution you may have it installed already.

Each handler is a different Perl module that you have written to deal with a particular phase.

This can also help code reuse by allowing you to share a particular logging or authentication handler on many different sites or dedicated servers without having to alter any other aspects of the Apache process.

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