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(The separate PNACH Converter program that I previously released is now no longer available as an improved version of it is now built in to Project Unification) The following games are now in the database : Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Ratchet & Clank Xenosaga Episode I Xenosaga Episode II Xenosaga Episode III Tales Of The Abyss The Thing Development continues....

a new version of Project Unification will be forthcoming.

Project Unification comes in two versions - 32-bit and 64-bit (with or without the installer).

You can install this very easily and completely for free by downloading "Access Database Engine.exe" from https://

id=13255 I hope that the community finds this to be a viable long-term solution to finally making using cheats with PCSX2 a highly user-friendly and reliable experience.

The "Origins" trailer reveals that the relationship between Kratos, his mother, and brother (whose name is revealed to be "Deimos") will be explored in the game.

The trailer also features the Gravedigger from God of War (Zeus in disguise).

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