Updating deers from divorce

If you neglect to update your DEERS information, you and your military family might experience an unexpected lapse in TRICARE health care coverage.

To find an office near them, they can go to the Rapids Site Locator website, osd.mil/rsl/owa/home.

For example, military network pharmacies determine your military TRICARE eligibility through DEERS.

If your information is not accurate in the DEERS system, you may be denied prescriptions at your local pharmacy, even while you are eligible for coverage.

TRICARE is a insurance provider that helps military members and their families receive the medical services they need. TRICARE offers a variety of health care plans and coverage options, including vision and dental care, pharmacy services and other needs such as cancer treatment and hospice care.

military or retired from the military, you may be eligible to receive health insurance through TRICARE. Unlike many non-military insurance providers, TRICARE is set up to cover many health care needs at hospitals around the globe — an important feature for military families who move frequently or are stationed abroad.

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DEERS information must stay current not just for you, but for your entire military family.

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