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Start / Run / Dxdiag / Version 8.1 Question: Have any ideas why DX 9.0c won't re-install after Eradicator? I just want to know how someone can sell a game that doesn't and won't install what its supposed to the 1st time an have the nerve to charge you for the stupid thing.

I don`t receive any kind of failure/problem message. When I reboot and go to windpows update, the file is still listed as need to be installed. thanks "SOS Same Old S**T, XP SP2 Directx Uninstall using Directx Eradicator, works very well, sets things back to Directx 8.1 with the XP OS Installation CD. Anti Virus and Firewall Disabled , Installation Completes, Components are ready, Version 9.0c doesn't show up anywhere. But when I click to the icon of the sims 2 it say are you sure that you are istall Direct X9.0I can't play game. replace 2 files : "dsetup32.dll" & "DSETUP.dll" of directx 9.0c setup files by two samename files of directx 9.0 (overwrite them) 4th - Run setup directx 9.0c now , i can play "The SIms 2" by that way . Guys i was so excited when i went and bought my copy of the sims2. It shows that its been installed but when i check i still have 9.0b.. Tried so many ways to install that thing from microsoft and the sims disc but no luck. : P Iv just bought Sims 2, I am having the same problem as everone else i have directx 9.0b but it wont let me download 9.0c, i have tried so many differnt things to solve it but I cant!! when i install directx 9.0c , i got message said "the components installed are now ready for use" but when i check em on it still directx 9.0b. Anyway, the point is that now I am SO CONFUSED b/c I dont even know what kind of card I have or if it works w/ the Sims and it still gives me that popup when I try to start the game that says it cannot find a compatible card for direct X9.0, I have that, and also on dxdiag it says that i need to upgrade my card (which I have done over and over again) because it will not run direct3D. If anyone knows anything (about what to do or the videocard) please let me know. I have installed the Sims 2 and everything, but then when i was done installing and ready to play it said: Failed to initialize Direct3D. I've tried going on the internet and downloading Direct X 9.0c, but it doesn't do anything, I just get the error message again! While I can't vouch for any results, I've had good success with "Direct X Buster", from the following: ( Plece help me Hi, i installed wixp sp2,all of normal. oh if somebody can find to uninstall directx9 can you please email me @ I'm trying to play an older game that uses Direct X 6.1 but my computer says i have version 5 i think. hey i just bought sims 2 i know lots of people have been having troubles, i just wanted to know if anyone worked out how to fix it i really need to uninstall direct x 9.0b plz plz help me tonight.In some other cases, you can force the installer to continue anyway and the game will just work despite the errors during the installation. You may have to experiment a little to see what works best in your particular case. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?I would theorize that all your other errors are because of the failure of xactengine3_0 var microsoft = microsoft

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The list below shows the available Dirext X-9 versions, the version can be found at the third column.

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