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there was a way on my dell, there i use the button for booting a minimal moblin which is also on my harddrive, when i hit the normal boot button there is my ubuntu preselected.buzz91: I too would like this feature on my Asus G71v Gaming Laptop.The AMI Bios has no entries for modifying the button behaviour.b) downloaded the newest expressgate installer from c) executed this installer using wine d) copied the directories belonging to express gate from .wine/device_c/ to the previous created fat32-partition e) changed the uuid in the file to the uuid of the fat32-partition f) tried to boot express gate with help of the express gate button on my eee pc 1001p FAILED now i want to try wether it is possible in genereal to boot this splashboot installation via my grub.

Maybe someone can offer a copy of the relevant directories? I'd double check the value to make sure you don't have a type... I have first partition NTFS with installed Win XP, but after short message Installing Express gate, computer continue with booting up regular OS. When I make the same on SATA harddrive, Express Gate works properly. I didn't get that error - did you remember to set the UUID?The easiest way to do this is by booting into Ubuntu Live CD then using a partition manager such as GParted which you may need to install first. It will create a file named 'splash.idx' and two folders named 'ASUS.000' and 'ASUS.Be very careful not to make a mess of your existing partitions. Reboot into your Ubuntu installation and obtain the Express Gate installer from Asus website which will usually have the latest update. SYS' in the pseudo C:\ drive of your Wine installation. Mount the NTFS or FAT32 partition that you created earlier if you need to (usually you don't - it should appear in your file manager by default).

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