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These Flash "Apps" would not be able to be controlled by Apple and would cut into sales of existing pay-for-apps available through the Apple Store. 99% of all newer style smart phone (minus Apple's) run Flash Player. Almost all of the newer tablets will run flash player. Apple does not let Adobe Flash Player to be installed on any of their i Pads.Most will agree this is the real reason you can not run Flash Player on these devices. Will Adobe Flash Player compromise my computer's security?Here is a list of desktop platforms that support it: Most browsers on these platforms can run Adobe Flash Player. This was a decision made by the former CEO Apple, Steve Jobs.

Many of the audio and video players used online are built with Flash, most notably Youtube's video player. The plug-in or standalone Adobe Flash Player allows you to view the content of . You might be asking this question because you heard that people can access your camera or microphone via Flash Player.You would be missing out on many great experiences if you don't install and run it.What browsers and platforms support Adobe Flash Player? Why can't I run Adobe Flash Player on my Apple products? stopped allowing use of Flash Player on the i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch.After uninstalling both Players, restart your computer.Then reinstall the Flash Players here: Back To Top Flash is the premiere vector-based design and animation technology on the Internet. The two movies will show if you have any versions of these two Web Players installed.

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Millions of Web users already have Flash Player installed. You can also get information about the latest version of the Players and download the most current version if you have an outdated Player(s).

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