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It was your personal brand before it was a via email.[But] it's like looking at your old high school yearbook, and being like, "Ohhhh, I love that guy!His Instagram bio is “retired and taking photos.” In fact, when I emailed Anderson to ask him about his attachment to his profile picture, he declined to comment and said he would prefer to talk about his work as a photographer (but not Let’s talk about the second point, because it’s impossible to predict what will “break the internet” or quantify the results of such breakage. The Louvre had 8.6 million visitors in 2015, according to a museum press release.Assuming everyone who goes to the Louvre also looks at the Mona Lisa, that’s 8.6 million views in one year.So with the default home page this underwhelming, what is a My Spacer to do? One of My Space’s greatest features is its ability to let you skin your own home page. Second, we’ve been building a lot of new social components into Newsvine over the past several weeks and I wanted a good reference point for what is already done well online and what could be improved. The first thing I did was search Google for sites which specialized in My Space customizations.

That image means “Tom from Myspace” more than the name Tom Anderson does.Anderson, it turns out, loves cameras; he just prefers being behind them.Since he stepped down as the president of Myspace in 2009, Anderson has occupied his time with a new hobby: landscape photography. The Mona Lisa is currently housed at the Louvre in Paris.Unlike modern Facebook, early Myspace didn’t offer a news feed or the option to share photo albums with friends. Internet connections were unpredictable, most laptops didn’t have built-in web cams, and underpowered “camera phones” barely captured fuzzy interpretations of one’s face.Your profile picture was the most prominent representation of who you were.

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Number of views doesn’t translate to cultural significance, but few images of tech founders (or of celebrities) are more immediately recognizable. Would you know who this man was if you ran into him on the street?

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