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Having these 4 ROMs in every single NEO-GEO set means having a lot of redundant files, so it was decided to store them in a separated file, what would be called a BIOS file, and when running one of the NEO-GEO games, MAME will look for those ROMs in the BIOS file.

If the update has been performed correctly and we had all the required files, once the scan is finished there wont be any message in the results window, or maybe a report about a missing game, Rafflesia (not encrypted). If there is no Missing report, we must know that the ROMs we have for this game have been artificially created to match the size and CRC requirements, but are not the real ROMs required to play the game.As we have mentioned previously, ROM Managers are programs that make our life easier when we have to deal with MAME ROM updates.But they are not just limited to MAME - they can be used with any other emulation system, as long as a dat file exists (and there are lots of them).Another possible error is the renaming of some of the ROMs inside a BIOS file.We must again manually perform the update by changing the name to the correct one (this has happened with some of the ROMs in the BIOS file).

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