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When doing a fresh partition and wipe of reinstalling windows i still get a updating windows registry?? also what is a symbolic link to my all users folder doing? It's as if the registry still remains after format or something still remains and also I am concerned about the permissions of my important windows files aka attributes.. I’m a Technical Lead in Directory Services out of Charlotte, NC. After the hundredth time that you’ve had to set the calculator from Standard to Scientific mode, you’ve decided to make it default to Scientific.Today I’m going to talk a little bit about a common customer question: how do I leverage group policy to deploy custom registry settings? So let’s learn about how to actually figure out where values get set, then how we can control them.It will then only show up in HKEY_USERS\ # Add in the . Userhive = "C:\Users\Public\NTuser.dat" $User Profiles = $Default Profile # Loop through each profile on the machine Foreach ($User Profile in $User Profiles) { # Load User if it's not already loaded If (($Profile Was Loaded = Test-Path Registry:: HKEY_USERS$($User Profile.

The Scenario You’re administering thousands of Vista workstations and their applications, and you spend a lot of your day connecting to them for troubleshooting and maintenance.

SID)\Software\Some Archaic Software\Configuration" New-Item -Path $key -Force | Out-Null New-Item Property -Path $key -Name "Login URL" -Value "https://Company.local" -Property Type STRING -Force | Out-Null New-Item Property -Path $key -Name "Display Welcome" -Value 0x00000001 -Property Type DWORD -Force | Out-Null $key = "$key\User Info" New-Item -Path $key -Force | Out-Null New-Item Property -Path $key -Name "Login Name" -Value "$($ENV: USERDOMAIN)$($ENV: USERNAME)" -Property Type STRING -Force | Out-Null This is another area that is easier to just call out to REG. One issue to keep in mind is that if any handles are open to the registry, they need to be closed. I also noticed that if I was opening and closing registry hives too fast, they all weren’t being closed. I added a Start-Sleep 1 and this fixed the problem for me.

If they’re not closed, you’ll get “Access Denied” when trying to unload the registry hive.

For mysterious reasons the webbrowser uses IE7 to render pages, resulting in frequent script errors, and unworkable pages.

I was trying to explain a client how to manually edit the registry to force the webbrowser to use IE11, but I decided to search another solution.

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Every user profile has the file which contains the registry hive that is loaded into the HKEY_USERS and HKCU when a user logs on to the system.

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