Updating simulink models

Parts of a Model The basic parts of a model include blocks, signals, parameters, and properties.

Keyboard and Mouse Actions for Simulink Modeling Interact with the Simulink Editor using keyboard commands and mouse actions.

Create and Open Models Use the Simulink Start Page to select a model template, open recent models, and find examples.

To implement Time-Varying MPC control, you need to obtain LTI plants for the future prediction horizon steps.Find Model Elements in Simulink Models Use different approaches to locate model elements, based on model complexity and goals.Update Diagram and Run Simulation Updating the diagram provides the simulation with the results of the latest changes that you have made to a model.Search and Edit Using Model Explorer Describes Model Explorer controls to find and modify model elements and customize views.Use Viewmarks to Save Views of Models Bookmark a view of a model so you can quickly go to that part of the model later.

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Build and Edit a Model in the Simulink Editor Assemble models using the Simulink Editor, and learn editing tips and tricks.

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