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Ensure that the little write lock switch on your SD card is off. Homebrew usually refers to software that is not authorized by Nintendo.It has no other purpose than speeding the launching delay of the loader.If you don't understand what it means, do not worry as they are ALL working the same way.This is only an option used to speed the launch process.Just use the file with IOS249 if you don't know which version to choose.

The Full Channel mode means that , but you need a USB or SD to store the configuration files.

This guide will explain how to install USB Loader GX on your Nintendo Wii.

There are two different installation methods (automatic or manual), and two different installed channels which will be displayed on your Wii (Full channel or Forwarder). is not physically installed on your Wii, it is only copied on your SD Card or your USB device and is launched from the Homebrew Channel.

To update the loader you can reinstall a new channel over the old one, or use the loader's internal online update feature.

Updating a Channel is not as simple as when updating from the HBC or forwarder.

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