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5712 if such person sells or distributes cigarettes in this state only to dealers who are agents and who hold valid and current permits under s. 569.003.“Distributing agent” means every person, firm or corporation in this state who acts as an agent for any person, firm or corporation outside or inside the state by receiving cigarettes in interstate or intrastate commerce and storing such cigarettes subject to distribution or delivery upon order from said principal to wholesale dealers and other distributing agents inside or outside this state.“Place of business” means any place where cigarettes are sold or where cigarettes are stored or kept for the purpose of sale or consumption; or if cigarettes are sold from a vending machine the place in which the vending machine is located.“Manufacturer’s representative” means a person who represents a manufacturer of cigarettes but who has no place of business in this state where cigarettes are stored.

5712.“Retail dealer” means any person located inside or outside this state other than a wholesale dealer engaged in the business of selling cigarettes, including persons issued a permit pursuant to s.

When cigarettes as described in paragraph (1)(a) are packed in varying quantities of 20 cigarettes or less, except manufacturer’s free samples authorized under s.

Any person who resells, or offers for resale, tax-exempt cigarettes purchased at post exchanges, ship service stores, ship stores, slop chests, or base exchanges is guilty of a violation of the cigarette tax law, punishable as provided in s. Upon the sale or gift of cigarettes by charitable organizations to bona fide patients in regularly established government veterans’ hospitals in Florida for the personal use or consumption of such patients. However, the division may, in its discretion, authorize manufacturers to distribute in the state free sample packages of cigarettes containing not less than 2 or more than 20 cigarettes without affixing any surcharge and tax stamps provided copies of shipping invoices on such cigarettes are furnished, and payment of all surcharges and taxes imposed on such cigarettes by law is made, directly to the division not later than the 10th day of each calendar month. Agents, located within or without the state, shall purchase stamps and affix such stamps in the manner prescribed to packages or containers of cigarettes to be sold, distributed, or given away within the state, in which case any dealer subsequently receiving such stamped packages of cigarettes will not be required to purchase and affix stamps on such packages of cigarettes. The seller or dealer shall collect the tax from the purchaser or consumer, and the purchaser or consumer shall pay the tax to the seller. 210.04(9), the following rates shall govern: This tax shall be paid by the dealer to the division for deposit and distribution as hereinafter provided upon the first sale or transaction within the state, whether or not such sale or transfer be to the ultimate purchaser or consumer.

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