Validating debt with collection agency

The validation letter will also have a number of statements of your rights, including: that they have assumed your debt to be valid unless you dispute in 30 days; a statement that the collector has 30 days to respond to you if you dispute the debt and ask for more information, and; that if you request more information about the initial creditor and debt that they must provide it in 30 days.

This means that the collector is trying to collect on a debt that they can’t legally complete. that will hopefully lead to the expungement of the debt in the first place.

If you’re disputing a credit report with a debt collection agency, chances are that you’ll experience some form of non-compliance from them during the credit repair dispute process. The next step is to send a follow up letter giving them 15 days to respond. Also the laws are more strict for collection agencies.

You do you have consumer credit rights that can be asserted when disputing a credit report. The bad news is that disputing credit with a debt collection agency isn’t an easy road. The only way you can hold them accountable is by building documented proof of their non-compliance. They must provide a debt validation letter so keep a log of any calls you get from them. If your letter is returned back to you, KEEP A COPY of the envelope.

Congress passed the FDCPA to protect consumers and keep them from paying debts they do not owe.

Additionally, the law restricts how frequently a debt collector can contact you via phone.

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