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What main classes which used in struts application ? How is MVC design pattern used in Struts framework ? What are Pull-MVC and push-MVC based architecture ? Topic 5: Struts interview questions on application 1. How to forward request to other page using Struts ? How to include response from other page using Struts ? Can we change name of file as Struts Configuration ? In which method of Action class business logic executed ? How to get data from velocity page in action class ? I have a Dyna Action Form that contains 13 properties and A Dispatch Action used calling different methods depending On the value of one parameter (named method To Call).Now, when I enter the page for the first time the only request Parameter is 'method To Call' since when I enter the page I need to Remove some values that were with session scope. What if element has declaration with same name as global forward ? How to use forward action to restrict Struts application to MVC ? How do you configure annotation based action mapping ? Which interceptor is responsible for setting action Java Bean properties ? Does Struts2 implement Action interface in action classes keep default Action method execute ? What is action scope and how different from request scope ?

Will Struts tags support other mark-up languages such as WML ? Do we need to pay Struts if being used in commercial purpose ? Difference between Html tags and Struts specific HTML Tags ? Difference between session scope and request scope when saving Form Bean ? What are other MVC web framework have you used apart from Jakarta Struts example Spring Wicket etc ? The problem is that when I enter page for the first time I receive Following exception:2/03 :963 GMT] 51272c9d Web Group E SRVE0026E: [Servlet Error]-[action]: Http Servlet.service(Http javax. Http Servlet.service(Http, since it is a Null Pointer Exception and it is raised by thevalidate, my assumption is that the Dyna Validator Form is trying tovalidate all the parameters in order to populate the Form, and sincetheonly parameter in the request is method To Call, it raises an exception.Null Pointer Exceptionat org.apache.commons.validator. Validator.validate(Unknown Source)atorg.apache.struts.validator. Dyna Validator Form.validate(Dyna Validator Request Processor.process Validate(Request Request Processor.process(Request Action Servlet.process(Action But, since I am no expert in Dyna Action Form, can anyone help me out in Solving my problem?

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