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Some questions that may be included on a survey are: To further show your company’s desire to ensure training appropriateness and effectiveness, include a section for Manager/Supervisor comments regarding noticeable individual/group compliance and/or performance improvements related to the information provided during training.If you are concerned with your surveys adding another layer of paper to your already overflowing stacks, especially if you maintain individual training records, consider adding a section to the individual training records for survey questions and Manager comments.The blog also links to numerous free related resources.Library's Career Management Blog Library's Human Resources Blog Library's Leadership Blog Library's Supervision Blog Library's Training and Development Blog (As a brief review of terms, training involves an expert working with learners to transfer to them certain areas of knowledge or skills to improve in their current jobs.Take a moment to look at FDA’s website Warning Letters which show that lack of or inadequate training or incomplete training records are common warning letter deficiencies.Some recent observations include: How do I create and document an effective training program?

As an alternative or in conjunction to the Matrix, you may choose to create individual training records should contain the following items (at minimum): Whether you use the Matrix or individual training records, you will have to show how you are measuring the effectiveness of your training.However, as your company grows, this system will quickly become a nightmare.Training everyone in the long run will result in ineffective training, since employees will train on processes which do not relate to their assigned responsibilities.The agency expects companies to establish comprehensive procedures that detail how staff members will be trained, but also complies with the QSR record keeping requirements.The requirement for training is defined in 21 CFR 211.25 for pharmaceuticals.

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If you are one of those fortunate companies who invested in regulatory-compliance-software which will facilitate this entire process considerably.

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