Validating number javascript

Load the script (included in the lib directory) to enable formatting/validation etc. You can listen for the following events on the input.

countrychange This is triggered when the user selects a country from the dropdown.

Note: there is currently a bug in Mobile Safari which causes a crash when you click the dropdown arrow (a CSS triangle) inside an input group.Also note that when instantiating the plugin, if the Promise object is defined, one of those is returned under the [REMOVED] Prevent the user from entering invalid characters.Unfortunately this had to be removed for the reasons listed here: #79 Limit Input Characters to Formatted String Length.The utilities script (build/js/utils.js) is a custom build of Google's libphonenumber which enables the following features: International number formatting/validation is hard (it varies by country/district, and we currently support ~230 countries).The only comprehensive solution I have found is libphonenumber, from which I have precompiled the relevant parts into a single Java Script file and included in the build directory.

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