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For example, syntax that looks like a parameter entity reference but is found inside of a comment should be ignored, but isn't.The XML spec itself uses such constructs in its DTD, but its errata haven't yet been updated to address the issue of exactly where parameter entities get expanded and where they don't.

For applications where enforcing the rules in a document type declaration is not necessary, a wide variety of choices and design tradeoffs is available.

That's significant since the result was rejecting many of the XML documents which used non-English characters. Well over half of the falsely rejected documents (and significant numbers of the incorrectly rejected ones) are cases where the processor Lark is one of the older XML processors still in use.

It was written by Tim Bray, one of the editors of the XML specification, in conjunction with that specification, partly to establish that the specification was in fact implementable. This processor rejects a few too many documents which it should accept, and doesn't produce the correct output in a number of cases.

In any case, they were definitively informed about this bug in the first week of August, and it remains unfixed at this writing. These also mask other errors that the processor should have reported.

IBM's package includes several processor configurations, including validating and DOM-oriented parsers, and it works well with other XML software provided by the company. (The same symptoms exists in the validating processor, which shares the same core engine.) Thankfully, those internal errors don't show up often enough to keep this processor from correctly handling the bulk of the test suite.

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