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The actors were seen leaving The Belmont in Los Angeles after they had lunch with a friend this weekend.It’s ironic how the two characters least likely to be in item on the show (billionaire Chuck Bass and the homeschooled-Brooklyn-girl-who-can-barely-make-ends-meet) are actually a serious off-screen couple.Worst: Jenny and Chuck In things I try to pretend never happened: remember how Chuck attempted to sexually assault Jenny in the first season, and then later she ended up losing her virginity to him willingly? Best: Serena and Nate They've had the hots for each other since hooking up in the original OMFG moment that had parents everywhere freaking out, on a hotel bar that neither of them were old enough to legally be in (um, come to think of it, aren't they still underage?), and I wish these two would rekindle their flame.Worst: Serena and Dan I might get a lot of disagreement here (and they might even be headed towards the 4,000th reconciliation in the finale) but I'm just over these two.Rufus is the only Humphrey man who can handle being an Upper East Side house-husband.Her dream is to one day attend NYU and major in film.Her hippie artist parents live in Vermont but allowed her to move to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to live with her sister Ruby.

(Need to get caught up on everything that's happened? )And of course, the best times of the show always involved love.Since just about everyone on the show has hooked up at one point it was hard to keep this from becoming a novel, but here's our condensed list of the couples that worked, and the couples that should have been banned from Manhattan.instead, it would have been entertaining on purpose instead of by accident. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have so much chemistry my TV screen melts a little each time they are on it. Blair could maybe get past his Brooklyn upbringing, but the most polished woman alive would never truly fall for someone with such unkempt hair.Jessica is wearing a gray vintage leaf headband from ash&dans.The braided jersey headbands, all adorned with a unique vintage leaf brooch (they are all different!

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Dubbed the Golden Couple by Gossip Girl herself, the luscious locks between the two are reason enough for them to get back together: their future child could challenge Kate Middleton for best hair ever. She tried with Nate, she tried with Dan (and briefly, with Dan AND Hillary Duff, which was weird for everyone involved and watching), she tried with Dan's secret half-brother, and I think she even hooked up with Chuck, but no. Sorry V, at least you have your boho accessories to keep you company.

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