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Often they use animal fats for deep-frying, or they may have animal fat in offerings such as refried beans or rice dishes.Vegans will find extra challenge with eating out if they are concerned about separate cookware being used for their food.It is courteous to alert your host of your eating preferences at least a week in advance.Ask them what they were planning to cook and then offer a vegetarian alternative that is easy to make on the side.Remain gracious, light-hearted, and brief in your responses, and your meal choice will eventually fade into the background and become a non-issue as dinner progresses.

Ask to substitute the meat with these items instead of just having the absence of meat make up your order.It's time to get creative and add more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your plate.To make sure you have a fully balanced diet, get a book from the library on vegetarian nutrition so you can educate yourself about how to get the nutrients your body needs by eating a combination of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and essential fats found in things like avocado and olive oil.Most restaurant menus are geared towards meat eaters, and their vegetarian offerings are often limited to meat dishes with the absence of meat.Unfortunately, taking meat away from a dish doesn't mean that you are getting a healthy, well-balanced vegetarian meal.

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While being vegetarian clearly has many advantages, the disadvantages of being a vegetarian often deter people from taking the leap into a meat-free diet.

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