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With a twist of events, Lala is forced into faking her identity, to present a pitch to potential business partner Chen Feng (played by Chen Bolin).

Romance began to brew between Chen Feng and Lala, leaving Wang Wei in much disappointment and distress.

But in my opinion, of all the characters in the show it's Lu Xi who is real and finely portrayed by Huang Xiao Ming (HXM).

From the start, Ou Chen is someone I really don't know how to explain.

She has a steady boyfriend of many years, Wang Wei (played by Vic Zhou), who recently quite his sales job and made a career switch to become a professional photographer.

Despite being in a stable relationship, Wang Wei always seem to skirt the topic of ‘marriage’.

You can relate and have time to connect with the problems of lead characters because they are well establish.

Barbie is good and elegantly beautiful even in those scenes where she's just wearing white blouse and blue jeans.

In Lala’s case, it was clear she wanted to advance in her career through this once in a lifetime chance to prove her worth to the company.

" While watching those scenes, my heart says he just giving justice for his love but in my mind, wow! But I hope Peter Ho will continue to produce series.

As a I said this show has a nice plot so he has eyes for good project and he gets good actors.

He drinks a lot as if that's the only thing he works on in his extravagant office.

He manages different business but his routine indicates he has time for thinking for almost irrelevant things like "how to avenge to a woman who slaps you so many times?

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