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- Arthur 29, Russia I come here when I'm bored or stressed. - Giullianna, Philippines Chatlace taught me one thing and that's how to ignore perverts. - Anonymous Chatlace is the only world that allows me to be anything or anyone I want to be. - Skippy Chatlace is an outlet to scream out your dirtiest desires.

- Thor, India Welcome to Chatlace, where globalization takes place in its simplest form.

- Veer, Mauritius My mom will throw my phone if she finds I'm using Chatlace again. Angel, you just created a place where we can be ourselves.

- Frosty, India Thanks for creating this place where I can write whatever I like. It's funny to write on Chatlace because no one knows who I am.

- DMTconsumer, Iraq Angel has created a zoo in the form of Chatlace.

- Ms Cute, Philippines I must have reached the farthest site on the internet. - Kenneth18, Philippines I come to Chatlace for entertainment and I really enjoy it.

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- Miro Silva17, Hong Kong Chatlace prevents depression.

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