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Since copyright protection is automatic and doesn't require registration with the Copyright Office, their position may not be authoritative in a court of law, so the copyright status of laws (including laws incorporating copyrighted works by third-parties, eg.building codes) remains unclear until settled by the US Supreme Court. Most other countries’ governments do hold copyrights, and their works are copyright protected.However, there is no such thing as the public domain on the Internet.International treaties, like the Berne Convention, are not self-executing and do not supersede local law.

The Wikimedia Foundation, the legal body responsible for Wikipedia, is based in the US state of California.

Although legislation is sometimes unclear about which laws are to apply on the Internet, the primary law relevant for Wikipedia is that of the United States.

For re-users of Wikipedia content, it is the laws of their respective countries.

In the US, any work published before January 1, 1924, anywhere in the world Complications arise when special cases are considered, such as trying to determine whether a work published later might be in the public domain in the US, or when dealing with unpublished works.

When a work has not been published in the US but in some other country, that other country's copyright laws also must be taken into account.

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