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👻 @The James Max | @The Vamps James | @The Jeremy Vine | #Jeremy Vine OWw H This morning at last I got an answer to the question that puzzled me for years — when I saw @The Vampsband in concert, why did the bass player disappear during the first song? "I'm sorry, you gave it to me, it's now mine." Nicola Mc Lean says she "didn't feel one bit of remorse" when she refused to give back her engagement ring after splitting from her [email protected] Mc Lean | @The Jeremy Vine | #Jeremy Vine J0z Yu Acgn "Connor walked off the end of the stage!We have more about Lele Pons’ dating timeline below.https:// Bj SDf/There were speculations that Lele Pons was in a relationship with Juanpa Zurita, a fellow Viner. ”Although that ended speculation, questions rose about whether or not Lele was dating her actor friend, King Bach.Lele uploaded a video on Youtube debunking the rumor saying,“No, we are not dating. “I went to high school and I started getting bullied because I was very weird.Lele Pons is a Vine star, who kept up her Internet fame long after the video app shut down.

Eleonora Pons, famously known as Lele Pons, is an Internet personality and You Tube star. Lele also has over 16.2 million followers on Instagram.

It will effectively stop MPs from blocking a no-deal Brexit but critics are saying he is "betraying democracy".

Do you agree, or do you think it's the best way to get Brexit done?

#Jeremy Vine "You sound like you're remoaning to me, Dawn!

" James Max did his best "Ghost Of Brexit Present" impression to one of our callers today...

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