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User analysis and reporting requirements must be identified as well as hardware, development, testing, implementation, and user training.Once the business and technical strategy has been decided the next step is to address how the organization will backup the data warehouse and how it will recover if the system fails.As mentioned in the front end development section, users’ ability to select their report criteria quickly and efficiently is an essential feature for data warehouse report generation. Along with receiving reports through a secure web interface, users may want or need reports sent as an email attachment, or spreadsheet.Controlling the flow and visibility of data is another aspect of report development that must be addressed.At a minimum, there should be separate physical application and database servers as well as separate ETL/ELT, OLAP, cube, and reporting processes set up for development, testing, and production.Building separate physical environments ensure that all changes can be tested before moving them to production, development, and testing can occur without halting the production environment, and if data integrity becomes suspect, the IT staff can investigate the issue without negatively impacting the production environment.

An organization's long-term business strategy should be just as important as the current business and technical requirements.The OLAP engine and data can be the best in class, but if users are not able to use the data, the data warehouse becomes an expensive and useless data repository.For most end users, the only contact they have with the data warehouse is through the reports they generate.Identifying data sources during the data modeling phase may help to reduce ETL development time.The goal of ETL is to provide optimized load speeds without sacrificing quality.

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