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Several remakes are made in different countries.(And Kim Soo-hyun became dream-man)7. The leads aren’t appealing in looks, but after watching the drama I felt that they are too good actors & their acting is too appealing. (And Shin Se Gi [played by Ji-Sung] became my dream-man)8. Master’s Sun - Totally different storyline of this drama will charm you.Kill Me, Heal Me - This is a superb drama full of entertainment. Phantom/ Ghost - I never thought that a serial without romance can enchant me. This serial kept me watching it without break for its thrill, suspense & mystery. Every episode makes your mind think about an issue without any monotony. The past story evolves around a secret group named ‘Joseon Youth Alliance’ & the members are reincarnated in the present. Tree of heaven - When I read the story-line, I felt weird about it. This serial made me see what they wanted me to see. It’s hard for me to update my own choices in case of K-dramas. I'm sorry I Love You - This serial will remain my most favourite of all time. I never felt so much emotions after watching any other K-drama... Mr Sunshine - I was amazed by the acting of leads in this serial. This one also portrayed social class difference of that era. I never liked Lee Byung-hun for some reason I don’t know, but this time I fall for his eyes.4. This serial is of 2004, so cinematography & making cannot be compared to this time. I loved story-line, cinematography, music, songs, etc. This one has the stronger female lead, even stronger than the male lead.It gives us a feeling of similarity with our lives. The cinematography, music, songs, humor are beyond amazing.This one will make you laugh in all episodes except few episodes which will make you cry.Even if we've not yet had is also so full of double crosses and betrayals, that anything less than full attention will leave you struggling to keep up, as the F. I find themselves stuck in the middle of a gang war between the Triads and Yakuza.I once made the mistake of watching it as part of a beer and pizza night and after several imbibes had no clue what was going on.

The story-telling method makes the drama very relatable.The drama show us the ordinary life of ordinary people with an extra-ordinary charm. Queen In Hyun’s Man – Another charming drama on time-travel with the elements of history is this one. Memories of the Alhambra - I loved the unique concept and plot.Though there are a lot of drama on time-travel, each & every drama will amaze you. He is the main reason behind the success of this drama)19. The ending may disappoint you, still it’s lovable enough.20. The story focuses on an advanced AR (Augmented Reality) game, which is one of a kind.The strangest part of this is that at times it’s so very slick it actually verges on feeling like a proper film - and I don’t mean any disrespect by that, merely that in its increasing similarities to the likes of Bourne and Bond (location trotting, the casting of Jeroen Krabbé) it is actually in danger of becoming comparable, though more as a spoof than anything.The plot, however, remains ludicrously high concept -this time Frank can’t be more than 75 feet from his car without his newly acquired bracelet blowing him sky high, leading to the kind of ingenuity stunt-wise that makes On my list of the several thousand questions I’d still like to ask The Statham, is whether he’s been regularly approached about doing more child friendly roles.

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The story-line is very simple, but the chemistry between the leads is too cute.15. It's Okay, That's Love - Though it's a bit adult, the main story of the mother & her 2 sons was very surprising. Cheese in the Trap – Though the story is not that amazing, still the romantic scenes are highly cute. Signal - This unique drama focuses on A mysterious walkie-talkie, which allows a detective in the year 2000 to communicate with a cold case profiler from 2015. Father is Strange - I have never watched a family drama of 52 episodes before watching this one. When I started this drama, I was immersed in the story.27.

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