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If not, you haven’t experienced what it really means to live…Just like Matthew did…

About two months ago I ended my three months long trip through South East Asia.

Those girls have enough money and don’t have any need to replace daddy’s wallet with hubby’s wallet. Excitement, sexual adventures and the curiosity of something new are good reasons why college girls will happily jump in bed with you.

It is the same as if you would ask a white woman why she wants to have sex with a black guy.

You can’t compare career-oriented women in the West with career-oriented Pinays.

All the educated and independent Pinays that I have dated were extremely caring, did everything to please me and behaved like the archetype of femininity. Another group that is more interested in gaining sexual experiences with a foreigner than taking you to the cleaners is the group of curious college girls.

And, of course I love to get his sperm load regularly inside - pussy and ass. I let all that do with me what he wants for getting seeded. Because of the big jump in size I had to stay in the clinic for 3 weeks. Bob is a big and tall man, 2.00 m (78,7 inch) and 100 kg (220 lbs.). Long time it was painful for me, to take his cock in all my holes, because Bob has no mercy with me, when he rams his cock fast and deep in me and fucks my brains out. After the first sex, I take the piss of my husband directly with my mouth and swallow as much as I can. When we do wet sex, I am always completely dressed in rubber. As you can see how he fucks my brain out and how I dring my husband´s piss. From me before I was siliconized and from my friend Gabi. My avatar is one of the first photos with my new breasts,(2001) I wear a extreme closely laced corset (21 inch, 52 cm) and am still a little confused, because I was just been fucked in the ass fully clothed like a hooker. Ohne Vorspiel werde ich hart, schnell und tief in der Muschi und in den Arsch gefickt. Those girls don’t want your money, they want your dick.When a girl goes to college in the Philippines, especially to the prestigious ones, you can confidently assume that she doesn’t belong to the underclass.It is no secret that families with money have a higher chance to send their children to university.You find this inequality all over the world, but it is even more present in the Philippines.

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What was even worse was that every girl I approached either thought I would want to buy her or they were so desperate that they wanted to marry me after a few seconds.

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