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Putting the needs, wants and desires of others before your own at the expense of your emotional and physical health might be preventing you from living the life you desire.This does not mean one should disregard the feelings and needs of others completely; it means one should examine how the perspective of accommodating others is supporting or hindering us in life. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accommodating as, “willing to please: helpful, obliging.” The list of related words includes “over-indulgent” and “permissive”.

As children we are taught to share, to help, to do what the teacher says.Instead, any additional funds are invested in the stock market, pushing up stock prices.While accommodative monetary policy expands economic growth mid-term, there may be negative repercussions in the long-term.Arguably, it may increase the depth of field by reducing the aperture of the eye, and thus reduce the amount of accommodation needed to bring the image in focus on the retina.Accommodative monetary policy occurs when a central bank (such as the Federal Reserve) attempts to expand the overall money supply to boost the economy when growth is slowing (as measured by GDP).

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The Federal Reserve adopted an accommodative monetary policy during the late stages of the bear market that began in late 2000.

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