What is white label dating

Being a female member I am inundated with interest from guys all over the UK.

I was informed by two regulars that I chat with, that they had seen my photos on two other profiles hundreds of miles away from where I live.

I contacted the site and was told someone must have stolen them from my FB profile.

When I pointed out I don't usually have semi clothed pictures on FB the girl became very unpleasant and said I would need to press the 'report a problem'…

What a ripoff, I went for bbw dating and constantly got emails for people looking for folks wanting partners interested in paranormal activities.

Read Full Review I found this as was looking for sites for parents with special needs and looked fine until I logged in the men on there are the same as on single 24/7 .

Its disgusting as these parents are very vulnerable and just led into deception which is cruel as it is twice as hard to meet someone.

Most have not signed in within 6 months so it is old data.

This is disappointing and I wonder if these people know that their data is being shared?

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