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Lee has only just recently moved in with Punk at his Chicago residence.She's currently taking time off from WWE but is expected to return soon.

Happily the pair will be able to spend plenty of time together as newlyweds, with Punk essentially retired and under no pressure to ever work again.

Before they guided this grandma I was just screaming at my phone and hyperventilating trying to log in. Hello I am currently falling off the side of my bed because my 15 lb dog magically stretches out to the size of a Great Dane at bedtime and hogs the entire mattress and I want to move him but he’s snoring and I’m not a monster.

A moment ago, a woman driving by in her car shouted at me to go back to where I came from.

Was AJ Lee the figment of some Manga-geek’s adolescent imagination?

She was an avid video gamer, regularly thumbing through comic books and wearing the scuffs on her Chuck Taylors with pride. This unpredictable young woman was not as innocent as she looked.

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The duo were fuming and complained to Smack Down GM Shane Mc Mahon, who did little to brighten their mood and laughed their complaints off.

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