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Professor Sontag may assign a lot of homework and readings, but you actually walk away with a clear picture of the material.

His lectures are easily the best I've attended in Courant.

In this poignant, intimate memoir, Nunez speaks of her gratitude for having had, as an early model, "someone who held such an exalted, unironic view of the writer's vocation." Published more than six years after Sontag's death, Sempre Susan is a startlingly truthful portrait of this outsized personality, who made being an intellectual a glamorous occupation.

However, he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the topics in this course. Homeworks were not that bad The course has a lot of material and is hard to follow unless you only have one course to manage.

Sigrid Nunez was an aspiring writer when she first met Susan Sontag, already a legendary figure known for her polemical essays, blinding intelligence, and edgy personal style.

Sontag introduced Nunez to her son, the writer David Rieff, and the two began dating.

But for this course, only very hard working clever students may get A Don't take this class if you are looking for something easy or something to fulfill some requirements and don't take this class if you aren't willing to work hard.

Described by Nunez as "a natural mentor" who saw educating others as both a moral obligation and a source of endless pleasure, Sontag inevitably infected those around her with her many cultural and intellectual passions.Anyway, he seemed to enjoy his frequent interactions with the front-row noisy noisy girl, which makes this course a must if you want to ruin your college life.He is, unfortunately, too fond of his own inventions and usually makes things more complicated than they need be.An A if you were a computer working 247 at the library. He is also a weird guy since he enjoys contradicting to himself. Check his website and clearly see that he holds the final place of almost all the publications.Cannot understand why this guy can be hired by NYU Courant. He has to learn the materials himself, even from his students.

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The course materials are well planned, it covers the basic graphical model stuff.

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