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In fact, the only reason I’m saying anything about this at all is because you’ll all be wondering soon why everyone is calling me ‘Bethany Joy Lenz’ again,’I’m sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce”James Lafferty and numerous rumors hit the media that the two were dating one another.

But it later turned out to be just a hoax as they did not make any official statement regarding the dating rumors.

And it is rumored that James Lafferty is dating Rachel Wilson, but that's supposedly over...

SO CUTE :) for a while he was going out with the goalie from the UNC soccer team - her name was rachel. for a while he was going out with the goalie from the UNC soccer team - her name was rachel. The American actor James Martin Lafferty was born on July 25, 1985.

"It was pretty brave and also kind of hilarious that he put himself in that situation," Lafferty says.

"Then, he came away from it with so much, which was pretty inspiring."What's also inspiring is that Waffle Street is a different type of film for Lafferty.

If you were a fan of One Tree Hill, then there's no doubt you were also a huge fan of Nathan Scott.

Sometimes the villains are the most enigmatic characters.But like every relationship is put to the test, theirs did too, and the two could not come out of the testing phase in their relationship unhurt leading them to get divorced in 2012, thereby ending the relationship that lasted over six years.Explaining her married life, Bethany said,“As most of you know, as much as I love to share with you the magic of ordinary days, I am also very private about my personal life.Even though I don't think that my role could be considered huge in this, I thought it was going to be memorable, just because the position this U. Marshall finds himself in and is putting other people in.Even if his role isn't "huge," it's something he welcomed — and for good reason.

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As you can imagine, Lafferty's character most definitely isn't the hero of the show. "They were charged with capturing and recapturing slaves all over the country."Similar to Waffle Street, Lafferty's Underground role is something very new for the actor, especially since his character is seen as a villain of sorts.

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