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“And with the rate of autism, which is insane, you never know why that child is screaming."Mc Carthy explained that judgement affects more than the children involved."To put the blame on the parent and to judge that family — that hurts more than anyone could realize," she said. "If the child could understand a parent saying, ‘be quiet’ or ‘hush, we’re in a public place,’ they would. Jenny Mc Carthy is an actress, celebrity, author and activist.

JENNY MCCARTHY GETS CANDID ON CHARLIE SHEENMc Carthy hopes her experience raising Evan will inspire others to learn about autism and how it impacts everyday families.“I think so many of us want to judge the screaming toddler in the aisle at the grocery store or the screaming toddler at the restaurant or airplane,” she explained.

The author of three books on autism, Mc Carthy helped organize a movement of parents concerned about a vaccine-autism link. Jenny, in your book Louder than Words, you describe Evan’s first and subsequent seizures.

This is the edited transcript of an interview conducted on Jan. Summarize that episode, when he began having seizures.

And I was blessed with the love of my life and my son getting better.

I can do without asking for anything else.”Earlier this year, she participated in BTIG’s Charity Day in New York City where she served as a guest stock trader and took calls on the global trading floor to raise funds for Generation Rescue.

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