Who is john cena dating for real

John Cena's girlfriend is called Liz Album Big.jsp?

Photo Nbr=1&Member Id=7059771327&Photo Album Id=8003113235 Photos of John and Liz.

The 16-time world champion and his ex-fiancee shocked the world when they announced in April their engagement was off.

The two met when they were in “NXT” and she served as valet for Cass and his tag partner Enzo Amore.

When it came time for them to make their main roster debuts, they were moved to different brands.

Big Cass went to “RAW,” while Carmella debuted on “Smack Down.” Even though being on different rosters was tough, the couple’s relationship remained strong.

Carmella was there for Cass when he suffered a knee injury.

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Thus, John Cena girlfriend had other relationship before John, but he has also had other girls before her and they were friend then when they had other people and when they broke up finally they decided to reveal their true emotions to one another.

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