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He could turn the crowd against her with such fury that at one point a Secret Service agent had to escort her to her car.“Sometimes I questioned whether I was blowing it out of proportion in my head,” she said on a recent late afternoon.

Trump insulted over the course of the campaign season, but she was the target of some of his sharpest attacks.

To escape death threats after the riots trial, they moved in with Katy’s grandparents, and Bob Tur started sleeping with a gun under his pillow.“There was a push and pull with my parents,” Ms. She mentioned business ups and downs, the death of Mr.

Tur’s mother, Judy Tur, who ran the business, and his volatile personality.“Katy was always an astonishing child, always a self-assured child,” Ms.

“There were moments when he surprised me, but I was never shocked. In April, she received a Walter Cronkite Award for excellence.I don’t know if they’re going to like me in this role.I don’t know if I’m going to like myself in this role.”If ratings are any indication, she’s a hit. hour has jumped 69 percent in total viewers since 2016, according to recent Nielsen ratings provided by MSNBC.“Katy is old-school in the best ways,” her boss, Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, said.(It went to Hallie Jackson, a Washington correspondent who covered Ted Cruz’s campaign.) Instead, Ms.Tur landed an afternoon hour, not quite prime time, replacing Thomas Roberts, who was moved to weekend mornings.“Do I miss going out and reporting? “I feel like it was ripped away from me a little too soon. I don’t see the anchoring thing as like me just sitting behind a desk and reading a teleprompter.

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She stumbles over names and words, but I don’t see that as a liability.

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