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However, the relationship among them was made a low profile.They had been in a relationship for one year that is from 1999 to 2000.There is no confirmation from both the parties, however, there were rumors of them dating.Keanu Reeves was born to Patricia Taylor(mother) and Samuel Reeves(father) in Beirut, Lebanon.Some of her personal quotes are as follows: “I think what people need to realize is that, with trans people, we’re like everybody else. All women are not the same, all men are not the same, all children are not the same.It’s the same thing with trans people – we’re all so different, we have different goals, different dreams, and different aspirations.”“If I have a connection with someone, I’d like to think that they’d be able to respect that connection enough and respect themselves enough to not care about my past – that they would want to see what happens between us.”Jamie Clayton and Keanu Reeves were also rumored to have hooked up together in July 2015 as well.

In addition, Keanu came into the spotlight after appearing in some of the hugely successful movies such as Point Break, Speed, Constantine, The Matrix and much more.

Grievously, the baby was stillborn after eight months due to which Syme had to suffer depression and demised in a car crash. She was born on 7th December 1972 in Pico Riveria, California, USA and she died on 2nd April 2001, in Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA near Hwy 101 aged 28.

She was famous as the one-time girlfriend of actor Keanu Reeves.

Suddenly, the jeep hit the three parked cars and crashed on the road.

According to the police investigation, she died before they found her.

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For the living his mother used to travel to different places, hence he spent his childhood in countries like Hawaii, Australia, New York, and Canada. I had the last of the air-cooled Porsches [a 993-generation 911 Carrera 4S], and having that car in Los Angeles on Mulholland Highway, going up the coast in the Santa Monica mountains, there were some really good late-night drives with the music on, with a friend.”“I went in thinking, Okay, I’m gonna have to do a drop and a split; they’ll throw a kick and that’ll be it.

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