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Share a few your internal thought processes, why are you doing this and on TV.What do you think TV will add or subtract or bring to the experience of trying to find love?How do you think you will figure out who's there for love and for the right reasons and who's there for fame and just to be on TV, and for whom it might just become a competition that they don't want to lose or have to leave the mansion? I like to think that I'm a very good judge of character, so I did think about that before accepting the offer to be the bachelor.

That's maybe a mistake I've made in the past and I've learnt from that and being in the public eye – it’s something that I'll just manage and take it as it comes.

Going into this journey I will be able to suss out who's there for the right reasons which is love and to find a soulmate and who's there for publicity. I'm not sure if I'm going to find the one, or if I'm going to find someone I can commit to, or find my wife - that's the whole point, that's what I'm looking for!

I know my intentions are to find real love and to start a family with that person. Are you looking for marriage - that's such a loaded word and a heavy "goal", or would it be an engagement or just the beginning of a relationship that can grow? And whether it happens, I'll have to see what opportunities present themselves and if I do find my soulmate.

I saw this as the perfect opportunity to fully focus and concentrate on finding the one - and that's the reason I decided to do this.

And I just think it's an opportunity that not many people will ever get to have and I think it will be a great story to tell one day to my children and my grandchildren.

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I just want to go through this journey and give it my all.

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